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Knight Noah>>News2009 >> Knight Online Guide To The Battle Priest
Knight Online Guide To The Battle Priest

1. Introduction

So, you've decided to become a Battle Priest. Good choice, but remember, it's not as easy as it sounds.
If you are someone who struggles for money, do not plan to excel as a Battle Priest.
I do not recommend this as a first character, because like I said,
contrary to belief, they are a very expensive choice. Without further nonsense, let's get started.

2. Stat Selection

So, theres definately a few builds available for the Battle Priest, I know the one I prefer, so I stick with it,
but it all comes down to personal preference.

1) 76 Int, Max Strength - This is the build I always use, it allows for +8/15 armors, so you can wear a
full set of +8/15 paper HP armor, or whatever, and the rest goes into Strength.

2) 70 Int, Max Strength - This build allows for Boots/Helm/Gauntlets
+8/15 armor, and the Pads and Pauldron are Goblin, allowing for the 6 extra Strength
(or HP, if you're a rebel :O )

3) HP Build - This build has all different types, some go 70 Int, 220 Str,
and the rest HP...but that's just one example. I don't really reccomend this for a
DCZ char, because you need all the Strength you can get, and you don't have
the points to spare in HP.

So, out of these three builds, like I said, I think the 76 Intelligence build is best, but there are definately others
who would say otherwise. Either one has potential.

3. Skill Selection

Now, again, there is three options. You have...

1) Buff/Heal - This is definately the most common skill selection, I pretty much always do this,
just so you can get in more parties, and you can get exp alot faster...not many people want a rezzer in a party...
and 960 heals is enough to get you by, until Eslant.

2) Heal/Duff - This is the second most common, once you're higher up, you can 4 stone rezz,
which can come in handy...and the 1920 heals and full heals can come in handy sometimes...but not as much as buffing,
EVERYONE needs a buff. Pots can replace heals =)

3) Rezz/Heal - Although this is definately my favorite skill selection for PK, it really isn't used much, it's sooo hard to exp...
most people who do use it, it's their secondary char, so they just have it there
to rezz them when they need it.

Now, you may wonder, why no Duff/Buff, or Buff/Duff, well, to be straight up honest, it's usless.
I don't know why people would put buff as a secondary, I would rather spend a few minutes finding a buffer,
then having 360 or 720 buffs. The only time I run into this, is for people like my clan leader, who's rezzer is Rezz/Buff,
so he can get the 720 or 960 buff when he's solo'ing, along side the Rezz's.

4. Equipment

Now, this is where the Battle Priest is put to the test. With average equipment, you will fail. A Battle Priest is a damn expensive character, if you want to do good.
Level 1-30 - Use anything you can get your hands on really...having some +7/12 or even +8/15 premade armors waiting for you would be nice, and as for a weapon, use anything that you have enough strength for.
Level 30-40 - Pretty much the same as Level 1 - 30, try and upgrade some armors, and maybe even some weapons...a weapon with greater than 100 AP is great at this point (Weight Hammer...Large Breaker...)
Level 40-50 - By this point...to do the best...you would want +7/12 or +8/15 armors (Strength bonus, for now) and a Large Breaker +6 with MP absorb (to save you from wasting all those damned expensive pots)
Level 50-55 Ok, this is when stuff starts to pull together. The ideal equipment would be +8/15 armors, Uniques if you can get your hands on them (Lupus...Iron Belt/Necklace...anything really) and if you can't afford those damn expensive uniques, go for Quest Accessories, they really are good.
Level 55-59 Now, you should start PK'ing, and you're going to want +8/15 armors, Iron Impact, Hell Breaker, or Totamic Club +6/7/8 to do the best. At this point, I would also suggest going Rezz/Heal, you may call me crazy, but once you Parasite a Raptor weilding Warrior who's running at you, then smack him down in a few hits, it all pays off. And ofc, any uniques you can get your hands on are good, Lupus, Iron Necklace, Iron Belt, Glass Belt, Skeleton Belt, anything of the sort. To be above average, a Battle Priest really does need Uniques. Also, the thing that holds the BP together, Dagger Defense , a 10 DD cap will do you OK if that's all you can get your hands on...but really a 25 DD cap will have you smacking down sins in no time.

5. Leveling Up

So, this really does depend on what skill branch you went, but I'm going to start with Buff/Heal, since that's without doubt the most common for a BP.
Buff/Heal - So, you're job is really quite simple...you buff them when they ask you to, and if you're the only priest, give them some heals. Or you could do what I do, and claim to be Buff/Duff, so they get another priest and you just sit down and relax xD
Heal/Duff - This branch requires you to be on your toes. You gotta heal when someone starts dropping (pretty obvious) and if you let them down, it usually means the boot.
Duff/Heal - When I started a Duff/Heal BP, the only reason I was able to level, was because I had a clan that was leveling me like crazy. Even though that was happening, I still eventually went back to Buff/Heal to exp easier. Moral of the story, bad choice for exp =)

6. PK'ing

Ok, so this is really the most important part, and the funnest part xD
Now keep in mind, I always PK as Duff/Heal, so all my advice is really regarding that type, since I hate being Buff or Heal during PK.
In order to do good, you're going to want the top end equipment mentioned earlier, uniques and DD being the most important. I woudln't really suggest getting your feet wet until level 57, because thats when, as a buffer, you get 1500 buff, and as a Duffer, you get Torment (AOE armor debuff). If you're the guy with just average equipment, then just hang back, and try to get a few kill steals xD But if you're buffed up, you wanna lead the pack. You run in there, find a party of two or three, and tear them apart. You will want to (as a duffer) Torment them all while your team runs ahead, then Parasite the strongest (Warrior > Sin > Priest > Archer > Mage) and take em all down a few NP.


Although this really doesn't occur much in DCZ, you might run into one or two, or maybe you're in the arena.

Mage - Mages under 59 are USUALLY pretty easy for a BP, mainly because they're commonly loaded with Dagger Defense, which won't help them in this situation. Parasite is most important, Torment if you can get it off, then tear them apart. Once Parasiting, mages really aren't a problem.
Warrior - Usually the most difficult, the routine pretty much stays the same. Parasite, and you will DEFINATELY want to get off Torment vs. a Warrior, so Parasite, then Torment, then go after him with you're strongest skill, then you're spammable skill, throwing in your stronger attack whenever you can.
Priest - Again, duff, duff, duff. It really is the key to success. If you run into one of those bastardly Intel Priests who just spam heals himself, get your party to hop in, and gang bang the fucker
Sin - Duff. Once a sin is duffed, if he doesn't town like the pussy he is, he will get OWNED. End of story. Usually they Spike, then /town. Dinks.

Tha's all. For more Knight online guides, click this link and you will reach the MMORPG guide section.

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